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Jenny graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, minoring in Child and Family Studies from Weber State University in 2000.  She began her career working for the Utah State Division of Youth Corrections with adolescents serving sentences inside a secure care facility.  Jenny went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Psychology, graduating from Utah State University in 2004.  Since that time, before joining Waypoint Academy, she has worked as an elementary school counselor and program coordinator for school districts in Utah.  During that time, Jenny completed full risk evaluations for students and managed a program for elementary students who were struggling with various mental health issues inside a school setting.  She has experience working with students and families, specifically with school avoidance, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, Autism Spectrum disorders, behavioral issues and trauma and attachment based disorders.  Jenny believes all students have the capability and motivation to become the best version of themselves they can be and loves watching them discover their potential.


In Jenny’s limited free time, she enjoys being a mother to her two children, baking, watching sports, going to concerts and spending time with the people she loves.  Originally from San Diego, California, she takes any opportunity she can to get to a beach, but it isn’t nearly as often as she would like.  




Jenny works with and under the mentorship of Jeff Gregson 

visit him at www.allthingsanxiety.com

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