Jenny's Services

Office Location:  120 S Main Street, Kaysville, Utah 84037


THERAPEUTIC Services (in-state - Utah)

For those residing in Utah, Jenny provides in-state therapeutic services on a one-on-one basis to those looking for hands in experience. 

Phone or skype coaching (In- or out-of-State)

While Jenny is licensed in Utah, she provides consulting and coaching services anywhere in the world via phone and/or Skype sessions.

MEntal Health Consultations

Looking for an assessment and potentially plan on improving your (or a loved ones) mental health? Jenny would love to talk and see how she can help!

Student School Planning

Is your student struggling to maximize their school experience by avoiding school or not engaging? Jenny can help create school plans and work collaboratively to consult with school teams, helping your student learn in the most effective environment.




PRivate Speaking engagements

Does your group, club, team or office need a boost in mental strength, focus and clarity? Jenny is experienced in helping strengthen groups of any size become stronger and happier.

Public Speaking engagements

Whether a conference, symposium, TED talk or anything of the like, one of Jenny's biggest goals is to reach as many people as possible to bring mental and behavioral health to the mainstream. 

corporate wellness training

Can your company and its employees benefit from mental and behavioral health training? Of course it can! Jenny customizes her trainings to your company, industry and what specific needs your business has.

general consulting

No matter where you are located on the mental and behavioral heath scale,  Jenny can help you take it to the next step and improve your personal, professional and family lives like never before!