A Documentary that looks at anxiety, its causes and effects, and what we can do about it. Angst features interviews with kids, young adults and Micheal Phelps who suffer or have suffered from anxiety, and what they’ve learned. The film also includes experts charged with helping people manage their anxiety, and those who focus on researching its causes and sociological effects, while offering tools and resources that provide hope. The project explores a conversation about anxiety from a peer-to-peer standpoint that is intimate, honest and accessible.  Jenny plays a major role as consultant, on air narrator and lead actor in the Virtual Reality Experience. 


Lead Consultant

As the primary consultant and on-air expert for the film, I had the privilege of bring to light the experiences and effects of anxiety from a professional and scientifically-based perspective. 


VR Experience

This is Jenny's first experience acting, and she is so excited about the outcome. Through the Angst VR experience, Jenny shares with the VR user, in real-time, how to manage panic attacks.

Hiring Jenny to be the primary consultant and ultimately the on-air personality for our film, Angst, was the best decision IndieFlix has made on the project. Having already experienced her skills in a therapeutic capacity, I knew that Jenny has that special sauce: A unique relate-ability with parents, teens and professionals all at the same time, yet leaving each feel like she is talking to them individually. Jenny has been valuable on a multitude of panels for the film - and without fail, people are lined up afterwards just to connect with her 1:1. It is beautiful to watch the healing happen in the room...whether she is interacting with one teen or a room of 500. Her undying dedication to helping teens and her contribution has been invaluable to the project. And as a team member Jenny is incredibly collaborative, positive and strategic. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Jenny for a long time to come.
— Karin Gornick, Executive Producer, Angst