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Mental and Behavioral Consulting, Coaching and Therapy

Expert in Anxiety (related disorders) and Depression with a specialized focus in child and adolescent mental health. 


Angst Documentary and VR Experience

Find out more about the Indieflix Documentary, Angst, recently released and screening in communities worldwide. The documentary features several teens, Micheal Phelps and Jenny as lead narrator and mental health consultant.

Jenny Howe has a single mission: she wants to help people feel connected and rediscover hope. She does this in every way possible. Learn about Jenny, her mental and behavioral health specialties, and see how she can help you, your company, or your organization today!



Jenny provides a range of services from in-person to out of state, speaking, and more. See the list of all services Jenny provides!

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Get to know Jenny from a professional and personal standpoint and see how passionate she is about helping people. 

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See where Jenny has been contributing to mental and emotional health in the news around the state and country. 

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"Holding negative emotions inside gives them [the emotions] all the power. Reaching out and showing ourselves creates the connectedness and belonging necessary for hope to grow."

— Jenny Howe

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